Time to talk about the controversy over Kanye West and his use of incorporating the Confederate flag into his Yeezus merchandise.

Before people start criticizing, they should first make an attempt to listen to the Yeezus album, and understand the underlying concept of the album. Themes prominent in Kanye’s work include slavery, race, capitalism, and social and racial hierarchies.

"New Slaves," is solely about capitalism controlling blacks; West claims (most likely referencing mainly rappers) they all make it their life mission to get rich, and once they get there, they worship and promote money like it’s a religion. The allowance of Blacks to allow the mentality of “getting rich or die trying” to control their lives and become their identity, has dubbed them New Slaves. Kanye is trying to show that he is different, and that he refuses to let anyone control him, because that “Black” mentality is no different than Blacks being slaves in the 16th century, as they are still being controlled by superior elitists.

Symbols such as the Confederate flag represent Blacks as an inferior race, as it was the prominent symbol associated with white slave owners, ships carrying Black slaves to the Americas, and even racist organizations such as the Klu Klux Klan. Kanye is taking the power away from that symbol through his act of saying “the flag is mine.” He is constantly trying to prove that he is a leader, and will no longer be apart of the subservience associated with Blacks. You can’t control him, it’s his flag now.

Most people are offended by songs such as "I Am a God." I don’t understand why people are taking the title and lyrics so literal, instead of trying to understand the real message he is trying to make. Kanye is trying to prove he is a superpower, and nothing, especially the colour of his skin, is  going to stop him from being seen as such. He even alludes to his faith and being a believer in God, despite being a God himself.

I think the theme of this album is something that Hip-Hop and the Black community have needed for a long time. Both Kanye West and Jay-Z have become prominent leaders to build a stronger Black race, no longer inferior to anyone, not even themselves.

-Parabizz: THE Rocket Queen

(individual links for the songs referenced are above, listen to entire album here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWrVxBLycsc )

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